24/7 Doctor Telemedicine Consultation disclaimer

  • Consultations and advice provided over the phone are from BMDC registered doctors and are based on their knowledge and understanding of the patient's condition based on the conversation only.
  • Telephonic doctor consultation and advice are not replacements for a physical visit to a doctor and are limited by the observations possible by listening to the patient’s complaints and description of the symptoms, vitals, etc.
  • Telephonic doctor consultation is primarily aimed to address health-related issues as a preliminary or immediate measure. The consultation should be followed up by a physical doctor consultation for continuing illness or as advised by the doctor during a telephone consultation.
  • Telephonic or remote consultation and advice by the doctors cannot be considered for treating serious illness, significant physical trauma, emergency situation and any other condition that requires physical care by a medical professional or at a medical facility.
  • The doctor or Praava Health Bangladesh Ltd. will not be responsible for success, failure, or any other consequence of the treatment or advice. The consultation is absolutely a preliminary suggestion on the next courses of action, which may or may not include advice for medication, advice for consulting other doctors or specialists, or advice for any other legitimate actions to be taken to try to alleviate the condition immediately as a quick means.
  • Any prescription, diagnostic requisition, and/or diagnosis by our licensed healthcare professionals are to be used for primary non-emergency medical consultations only.
  • Callers may have to wait to connect with the telephonic consultation based on the ongoing queue at that moment.
  • Service may get interrupted due to unavoidable technological issues.
  • Service may get unavailable due to unavoidable conditions such as political unrest, natural disaster, prolonged electricity failure, network failure, etc.
  • Service may get unavailable on some selected Govt. holidays. Praava Health Bangladesh Ltd. will inform its users on a publicly published medium for such situations if any.

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